Save money with secure, one-click blockchain document signing.

No one talks about signing paper documents anymore. In today’s world, the main criteria for a cutting-edge digital signature solution are non-repudiation proof, a faster processefficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Keep working without changing company processes

Integrate into your existing software.

Integrate CorpoSign APIs with web portals, applications, and websites without difficulty. 

Our clients adore integration with their company’s active directory configuration, as it enables users to access CorpoSign with their regular credentials and adhere to the permissions.

How it works. The flow of signing a document.

Since CorpoSign blockchain document signing records each step, there is no requirement to rely on third parties (eID solutions) for timestamping or storing signatures.

The blockchain provides an immutable, and by default distributed audit trail, that removes the need for a third party to verify the signature and its details.

Upload the original file.

Its fingerprint (hash) is now computed by the smart contract and stored on the blockchain, preserving the original document file.

Sign & Invite others to sign the document or simply share its fingerprint.

Everyone signs with their own, unique certificate (private key).

Signature validity certificate with QR code is generated.

Share certificate or documents fingerprint for a third-party validation.
CorpoSign blockchain timestamps and history


Reasons to choose our solution

Independent technology

Easy to use

Efficient system

High payback


One time fee


Blockchain security

Mobile friendly

Lifetime certificates

& more…
Our solution might save you 10000+ euros per year

Why should you sign documents with CorpoSign?

The selection of blockchain technology ensures the technology’s uninterrupted and efficient operation, independent of all other technologies, including eID solutions. No additional tools, such as a mobile device, personal identification number, phone number, or sPIN code, are required for authentication and use of our solution.

Let’s discover main features.

Security & blockchain timestamping

Security & blockchain timestamping

With CorpoSign, all document-related activities are recorded and timestamped on a distributed ledger and all document-related activities are stored on a blockchain.

One-click signature

One-click signature

Simply press the “Sign” button. Our solution provides each user with a unique ID certificate, so there is no need to authenticate yourself each time using eID solutions or take any additional steps.

Company's authorised signature

Company's authorised signature

Sign with a company-issued certificate that links a natural person to a legal person, avoiding the use of a personal signature. No need to use personal data such as a personal identification number when signing company documents.

Limit the scope of the signature

Limit the scope of the signature

Possibility to limit the scope of the signature certificate, thereby restricting the signing to the application of specific laws or regulations (e.g. accounting rules for petroleum products, bio-products, other flammable liquid products and natural gases).

No renewal of certificates required

No renewal of certificates required

After validation, the document becomes unique and cannot be corrected by the user. The system can show when the document was created by time stamp, who created it, who the signatories are, the document ID, notes and comments.  

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